Fluffys Vacation Small Pet Boarding 

Welcome to Fluffys Vacation, we offer boarding accommodation for small animals in a safe and secure environment whilst you are away.


Welcome to Fluffys Vacation

We offer a home from home service caring for your beloved pets situated in the quiet village of Sutterton, Lincolnshire. 

Whilst you are away all pets will be treated like our very own, they will receive fresh food, unlimited hay and water daily and be regularly checked throughout the day ensuring they are happy, safe and enjoying their holiday at Fluffys.

All pets will have daily exercise on grassed or paved areas in secure and safe runs within our peaceful garden.

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£5.00 per day plus £2.00 per day for additional pets sharing the same hutch/cage 

(All Rabbits must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding with us, proof of vaccinations will be required before boarding)

Guinea Pigs

£4.00 per day plus £2.00 per day for additional pets sharing the same hutch/cage

Hamsters, Mice, Rats etc & Small birds

£3.00 per day in their own cage plus £1.50 per additional pet sharing the same cage

£4.00 per day using our accommodation

plus £1.50 per additional pet sharing the same cage 

Tortoises £4.50 per day 

If their is any other pet not listed please 


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 & Exercise

We have a variety of different sized accommodation available to ensure our guests have a comfortable and restful stay with us. We have both indoor and outdoor accommodation available and for guests who wish to use our 2 storey Bluebell Hideaway for a little extra space can do so for an additional charge.

Accommodation is either within our summerhouse, our own home or our peaceful garden.

All animals will have daily access to both grassed and paved exercise runs equipped with hideaways and toys to keep them busy and entertained. 


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